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I have many clients who come to me for NLP or coaching sessions with “problems” that they want to have “fixed”. They often want a magic cure to make the problem disappear. We can achieve amazing things with NLP, however the client must always be willing to really examine how they think about the world, to be honest with themselves and then take responsibility to change the thoughts that do not support them. Until a client can do this they will achieve limited success with NLP or any other personal change work they participate in. When it comes to “problems”, whatever the challenge, how we think about it can often be a major factor. This is why you can have two people experiencing the same situation and one person can find it very stressful while another doesn’t. It is the habits that have been formed around how they think that can make all the difference. It is also interesting to see that the more we want to “fix” something, the more likely we are to keep thinking about it in the same way until it starts to feel like a battle of wills. As the saying goes what we resist persists. Imagine how different it could be if we accepted a perceived “problem” as OK right now without judgment or criticism. Through thinking about it in a different way like this, the “problem” can often evolve and change seemingly of it’s own accord. So what have you got to lose? If the old ways of thinking about your problems have not changed them why not try something different! If you have a “problem” that you want to “fix” stop for one minute right now and ask yourself…

  • Is this really a problem?
  • If it was not a problem (go right ahead and imagine if it was not a problem) how would I be thinking about it?
  • If it was not a problem what would I be saying to myself or to others?
  • If this was not a problem how would I be behaving?

I know this can be a real challenge so if you would like some support to change how you think about a challenge you are experiencing call/text Heather on 0212 406 535 or email

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