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What is a day’s work? Do you have any idea of how much work comes across your desk each day? Do you have any idea if it is realistic to expect yourself to complete all of this work as well as all the projects you want to action in any one day?

If there is too much stuff coming in you will never get on top of your workload. Your to do list will keep growing even as you complete items on it and the sense of overwhelm will rarely disappear.

I have been working with some new techniques from a book by Mark Forster called “Do it Tomorrow” in an effort to get a realistic picture of what a days work is for me. Do it Tomorrow and Other Secrets of Time Management

This week I have been trying the idea of creating a closed list of activities so that I actually get that sense of completion as I close up my business at the end of the day. This closed list is created by all the emails , mail, paperwork, voice messages and requests that come across my desk “today”.

Put simply I action nothing today unless it is urgent, everything gets written on my list for tomorrow. So what I end up with is one days worth of work for the next day which is closed off at the end of the previous day. Nothing new gets added on unless it is an emergency.

If I am able to complete my list I know that I have a good balance with incoming work and projects that I can handle, without undue stress. If there is uncompleted tasks I know I have taken on too much and need to learn how to reduce the amount of work that I have to deal with.

If you need some support with overwhelm from a workload challenge call/ text Heather on 0212 406 535 or email

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