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I have taken on a new project over the last few weeks and there has been a feeling of total confusion as I have taken each day step by step to unravel what I needed to know and to do. Then suddenly last week as I was reflecting on where I was at, I had the feeling that it was all starting to make sense now. I was saying yes! – I’m now on top of it and can see everything coming together perfectly.

I also realized that every time I have decided to make a change in my life I have also gone through this process. First I create the intention of what I want to achieve, then I start to take action and all my old patterns or way of behaving in the world get dismantled. This is where the confusion lies because I then have to recreate new patterns and this process can take time depending on the size of the change I want to make, my familiarity with the outcome and the support I have available. It may take a few days, weeks or even years.

Sometimes it can seem easier to give up and return to the old and familiar ways of being in the world when the going gets tough – and indeed, I have done this in the past. The confusion can just feel too overwhelming at times.


  • Where are you at with the process of change?
  • Do you need extra support during this time of confusion to follow through the changes you want to make? Call/ text Heather on  0212 406 535 or Email to explore some options.
  • Start to create a support list of people you can call on to keep you on track and share your goals with them.

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