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Hindsight is a wonderful thing and often as we review our week we will feel that there are things that we could have done differently or in a better way.

Yet in each moment we can only do the best that we can with the knowledge and experience available to us at that time. We can call on others for their opinion yet ultimately it is us that makes the decision about what action to take at any given moment.

So how do you feel about the decisions and actions that you have taken over the last week? Are you beating yourself up for not being better? Or do you wish you had handled something in a different way?

We cannot change what has already happened – we can only accept where we are now as a result of the actions we took and be willing to learn from the experiences, so that we can continue to improve and be better the next time.


  • What awareness have you gained from your experiences over the last week?.
  • Is there some extra knowledge that you need to gain and what action can you take to address this?
  • Was there something that you avoided doing because it made you uncomfortable? If so how would you prefer to handle a similar situation the next time?

As we take time to reflect on what has happened and where we are as a result each week we will continue to make steady progress towards on our goals and dreams. For tools and resources to help you with reflection call/ text Heather on 0212 406 535 or Email

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