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This week my attention has been drawn to how difficult it can be to take time out from work, especially when we are self employed and there seems to be so much to be done.

It can be very difficult to set a boundary between work and personal time when we are constantly thinking about it or feeling that we are just not coping. I know in the past if something was constantly on my mind I would have to take action on it, so that I could switch off. Only problem was I ended up working all the hours available, and more, and was left feeling tired and annoyed that I had neglected my family or missed out on doing something else that I really wanted to do. I needed to learn how to put work aside at some point and say that is enough for today or this week.

We need to take time out so we can come back refreshed and re-energized. Only through allowing ourselves time out like this can we create the space to come up with the new ideas and possibilities that will continue to develop our businesses or improve our lives.

For me this is something that has evolved over time as I have let go off the need to do everything right now and as I continue to learn to mentally put work to the side and switch off. It all started with making a commitment to allow myself that time out.


  • When do allow yourself to have time out?
  • Is this enough time to refresh and re-energize yourself sufficiently?
  • If not, what needs to change?
  • What action can you take today to start creating this time out just for you?

If you need some support on how you can do this give Heather a call/ text on 0212 406 535 or email to set up a time for a chat.


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