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I received an email from Dave Buck at Coachville this week promoting courses for the professional development of coaches. He had an interesting perspective on the economy which really caught my attention. He says… The current economy is based on creating and selling STUFF in mass quantities to people who are thought of as “Consumers”. Well, this model is crumbling because people everywhere are rising in consciousness. The more conscious you become, the less STUFF you desire.   You become less and less a consumer, and more and more a creator. What you desire is to create your life with joyful and fulfilling experiences that contribute to the lives of others; is more about fulfilling experience and less about accumulating STUFF. Yes, you will still desire a few nice things, but even those things will be based on beauty and meaning over quantity. This is what I have called: The Inspiration Economy. This is what we do every day as a coach. And this is what we Coach our players and clients to do as well. We are the models and we have the service to help others live an “Inspiration Economy” life.

As the economy shifts and changes around us I truly believe it is a wonderful opportunity to reassess and choose to refocus on those things that are really important in our lives. As the purse strings tighten we may have to look at what we spend our money on and reassess what value we are getting from those spending habits. Do they give us a lasting sense of fulfilment or is there something more important that we could be doing with our time and money rather than going shopping.

I would love to hear your thoughts and any changes that you are making in your life that reflects these changing times – just add your comments below.

And if you are ready to make this paradigm shift in how you live your life, but don’t know how, please call/text Heather on 0212 406 535 or email me now to arrange a time to talk.

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