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Our biggest challenge in life, if we choose to accept it, is learning how to be ourselves. We become so used to living in a way that conforms with societies expectations that we lose sight of who we truly are. We get buried under the avalanche of “shoulds’ that dictate what we do with our time , our money, our lives.

    I believe we all have personal gifts that we are here to express – there is no-one else that can share what we have to offer in exactly the same way anywhere else in the world. So the theme for today’s Community Call was “The Challenges of Being Yourself” and allowing yourself to express these gifts and indeed all of who you are. Here are some thoughts from the call on how to to overcome any challenges… 

    • Awareness as always is the key – notice your patterns, your default behaviours, your habits. Only from awareness can we see the options for making different choices.
    • Know that some of these default behaviours are not really who we may be – as children we were very good at hiding parts of ourselves that may have been disapproved of and  compensating with learned behaviours to get approval instead. I see this as the biggest challenge of being yourself  – remembering the parts we have disowned and reintegrating them to create the full picture of who we truly are.
    • Use whatever is happening in your life today to get to know yourself better – there is an opportunity for learning in everything.
    • Take time to be by yourself – time for reflection on what is going on in your life. Use this time to practice acceptance and compassion for yourself so that you can then choose to create the changes that become necessary.
    • Develop trust in a higher power – we are all part of a bigger plan so stop resisting it!
    • Reach out for support – don’t try to solve it all in your own head. Only through verbalising what we are experiencing with trusted friends, family members or support people can we start to make sense of what is happening. This then allows us to make different choices and to move on.

    I would love to hear from you … what are your challenges with “Being Yourself”?

Email me directly with your questions or add your comments on this topic below. This will help me to tailor my Community Calls to provide the support and inspiration that you need at this time.

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