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Hitting the Pause Button

It has been just over a week now since I consciously chose to hit the pause button with work and life, to stop bringing new stuff in until I reached a point where I felt that I had dealt with everything that was already on my to do lists.

This website has been a result of that effort to clear my to do list –  it feels so good now that this has finally gone live after pushing it to the bottom of the pile for so long. There is a real sense of completion by reaching this stage which allows me to continue more effectively with  other areas within my business and life.

The three key principles I have used this week to keep me focused have been: 1. Clearing tolerations to free up my time and energy for the important things that I really want to be doing,  like supporting my clients and my family. 2. Completing my work – I have been focusing on one thing at a time until I reach a point where I feel each task or project is complete for the day. 3. I have scheduled the most important things into my days first – my health and well being and family commitments.  These are my priorities and everything else falls in to place behind them easily.

So, do you need to hit the pause button to take stock and refocus on what is most important for you?

If you need some extra support with how to do this email me on heather@inspirationscoach.co.nz or Phone/ text 0212 406 535 to set up a time to talk.

Tolerations – what are you putting up with?

You know that every action we take uses energy, but did you know that every action we don’t take uses energy as well – mental and emotional energy?

Tolerations are those things you “put up with” on a daily basis that drain your energy and take your focus away from your ability to reach your desired goals. They develop because you have chosen not to deal with something. They are issues that are either so low on your list of priorities that you pay them little attention, or you feel powerless to do anything about them. For example, your car needs the oil checked, you have a disorganized office, you need to repair clothes or things in your home, you procrastinate or worry over parents, money problems and health issues.

Through becoming aware of tolerations in your life you can consciously decide which ones you want to change and take action on them. As you take action you will immediately feel an energy boost and an increase in your motivation. It then becomes easier to take action on the bigger more difficult areas of your life.

If there are tolerations that you feel you cannot change, you can choose to accept them, find a way to re-frame them in a positive light, or make peace with them, until you find a way to re-categorize them as things that you can change.

Take Action:

Create a list of tolerations in your life. Use the following headings to help you think about all the areas of your life… Physical – body and health
Physical environment
Social – friends, fun, recreation and hobbies
Mental –emotional well being, personal development, mental stimulation
Family – relationships
Spiritual – contributing to the community, alone time
Career/ work

Select 5 items, that could be handled in five minutes or less, and that you would be willing to attend to immediately. Commit to take action on them this week.

Constantly review your list, deleting completed items and adding new ones as you become aware of them. Pay attention to how your energy levels and motivation respond as you progress through the list.

A note of warning here: You may experience a sense of overwhelm as you see how much needs to be cleared. This is an ongoing process and does not need to be completed by the end of the day, week, month or even the year. It is just providing information which you can then choose how to manage.

So if your list feels overwhelming and you’re ready to re-discover the energy you’ve lost as a result of it, give Heather a call/ text on 0212 406 535 or Email Heather to arrange a time to arrange for some extra support.