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Creating a plan to manage your money

Do you ever have the opportunity to go away for a weekend and then feel sick when you feel that you can’t afford to go? Would you like to be able to go shopping for clothes, or gifts without feeling guilty or that you can’t afford it. Would you like to know that you have funds available to spend on these things when you want to?


Well, the “not so secret” secret is to create the plan to make it happen – becoming intentional about what you do with your money is what will make all the difference.


There is a great budget tool at the New Zealand Federation of Family Budgeting Services INC. which I have found really useful in crafting the plan of how I want to spend my money. Just enter all the regular bills and payments that you make and remember to include all the things you want to have money available for i.e. the gifts, personal self care, clothes, holidays and anything else that is important to you. It never ceases to amaze me how often we leave out the very things that are most important to us in these plans!! Then start to play with the numbers to see how much you can allocate to each of these areas each year or month that will fit within your current income.


It doesn’t matter how much you allow for each area as long as there is some number in there to show that you are committed to making it happen. The next step will be to then find a way to put the money aside so it will be available when you need it or want to spend some.


Check out my blog on Mon 6  July for information on a new Program I am offering called “Your money: From Woe to Wow!” This will support you in creating the plan and implementing it over a three month period – there’s a money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose… book a free coaching session now to identify your money issues, set up to 3 financial goals and outline how we can help you achieve them. I look forward to talking to you soon.

Learning how to stop

As I continue to play with new techniques for managing my time I have discovered that the biggest problem I have is stopping what I am doing. I often lose track of time and spend longer on some projects than they actually need. Instead of working effectively my energy starts to go down and I am actually less productive by not taking a break and checking in to ask “what next”?

So I am now utilizing my trusty timer to become more conscious of working on projects for a set amount of time and then taking a break. If I create an appointment for a client I would automatically stop at the time allocated and start my next client or my next piece of work. By setting the timer to signal the end of my scheduled appointment time with myself I consciously stop what I am doing and take a break, have something to eat or drink and decide whether to continue on this current activity or move onto the next one on my task list.

I am also using the timer to signal the end of my working day. It goes off 15 min before my chosen time for close of day and I move into my last appointment for the day to wrap up and review my plan for the next day.

It is all about becoming more intentional about what I do with my time.

Is there an area of your life that could be improved by becoming more intentional about your behavior? Email Heather or call / text 0212 406 535 to discuss how being more intentional could support you in achieving your goals and dreams.