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If It Won’t Fit On A Post-It, It Won’t Fit In Your Day

I was reminded  of this great post by a client recently. I had shared it with her last year as a tool for limiting the “to do” list that we seem to keep adding to each day. I have been a great fan of Mark Forster’s work for a long time now and have adapted his techniques, in the same way that  Mark McGuiness has, as I continue to learn how to manage my time in a way that fits best with who I am and how I like to work.

    I’d like to encourage to to have a look at this material and reflect on how these ideas can be used, or adapted, to suit the challenges that you may be experiencing with time. It’s all about finding the system or methodogy that works for you.

Some Spiritual resources

lotusThese are some local resources that have inspired and supported my network of friends and colleagues. Check them out and see if there is something that you can connect to for added support with your life.

 This website is also interesting it has a few of the events that happen in Wellington http://www.thespiritguide.net/main/events

Thanks Nancy and Christina for sharing this information.

My Top Ten Book List

This is a list of the books that have been a big influence in my own personal growth and development. 

  1. Heal Your Life – Louise L. Hay
  2. A New Earth. Create a Better Life – Eckhart Tolle
  3. Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway. How to turn your Fear and Indecision into Confidence and Action by Susan Jeffers
  4. Take Time for your Life. A seven Step programme for Creating the Life You Want by Cheryl Richardson
  5. Stand up for Your Life. A Practical Step-by-Step Plan to Build Inner Confidence and Personal Power by Cheryl Richardson
  6. The Artists Way. A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron
  7. Fierce Conversations. Achieving Success at Work and in Life, One Conversation at a Time by Susan Scott
  8. People Skills. How to assert yourself, listen to others and resolve conflicts by Robert Bolton
  9. Reflections in the Light. Daily thoughts and Affirmations by Shakti Gawain
  10. Successful but Something Missing. Daring to Enjoy Life to the Full by Ben Renshaw


Let me know if any of these have influenced you…

Going back to basics – building resilience with Self Care

Despite all the books and courses I have attended it still surprises me how quickly I can forget the tools that I know work when I am in the middle of a stressful or challenging time. This is why it is so important to have a support network to help you remember (or to learn for the first time) – this can be a coach, a group that you meet with regularly or a really good friend you can call.

Whatever challenges we are facing in life the bottom line is that we are the only ones who can handle it, we are the ones who must take responsibility to manage the difficulties we are being presented with. We can’t change anyone else involved however we can act as a role model when we demonstrate what happens when we take the time to look after ourselves. We become stronger and more resilient. It is easier for us to think clearly and to set the boundaries or make the requests that we need to make. It becomes easier to make the decisions we need to make because we have the energy to do so. 

So what can you do to start building your resilience and energy? As always the change starts with self awareness and the willingness to take action. Here are some questions to reflect on so you can choose one area to make the shift…

  • How high are your energy levels right now? Give yourself a score 1 being empty, 10 being full of energy.

What are you doing to take really good care of yourself right now…

  • Are eating food that is healthy and makes you feel good?
  • Are you drinking plenty of water or are you filling up on liquids that are de-energising?
  • Are you aware of your breathing – is it shallow or is it deep and refreshing? 
  • Are you aware of what your body needs? Does it need to walk, run , stretch, relax. We need to maintain a balance between exercise and rest. Are you resting too much so that everything feels sluggish and slow, or maybe you are exercising too much so you  feel frazzled and on edge?
  • Do you have quiet time and space, or is your life always full of activity, people and noise?
  • Do you take the time to reflect on your life and how you want it to be – to set clear intentions for yourself and your loved ones?

Choose one of these areas and make the decision today to take action. You will be surprised by how even one small change can increase your resilience and will positively impact whatever challenging situations you may be experiencing in life right now.

Is it all just too hard…

It's all too hardI have been very focused on achieving some very clear financial goals this year and in the process have been learning even more about the influence of my thoughts and beliefs on my ability to succeed. There are some very strong beliefs that I have really needed to challenge to open up the opportunities for me to accomplish these goals – one of them was that life is hard, everything is a struggle or just too difficult. I realized that no matter what tools or systems I used to manage my time and money, if I was operating from this belief, my experience would always be that it is just too hard. However what I have also learned is that as I became more and more aware of this belief and how it has showed up in all areas of my life I could choose to change it. My focus for everything I do is now on how can I make this simple, easy and fun and this is allowing me to transform the results I am achieving in many areas of my life. So what is a recurring thought or belief that keeps showing up in your life? Are you ready to be challenged and change it? If so email me now or phone/text 021 240 6535 to arrange a free 1 hour coaching session to help you identify your recurring beliefs, and outline how I can help you to change them.