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Learning to move our bodies

The key to health and well being is to learn how to feel great in motion so you can have uniform and abundant energy levels, feel excited about what is happening to your body, and look forward to your movement sessions rather than dreading them.

The movement, rather than the end result, is the reward. So during a run or walk for example the intention is to focus on the movement, to pay attention to what you are experiencing – what you see, hear and feel around you and within your body. Notice where are you feeling tension and allow it to relax.

Exercising in this way is almost like a meditation – it brings you totally into the moment and brings a sense of clarity and spaciousness to the mind as well as building stamina and energy levels. It really doesn’t have to hurt to be good for you.

So why don’t you give it a go – start experimenting with moving your body to find a way that feels good, that you enjoy and can therefore really look forward to doing.

Pain free workouts

Stu Mittleman and Dr Philip Maffetone have both written about how the optimum balance of health and fitness can be achieved through training the metabolism to work more efficiently. This can be achieved by monitoring the heart rate to determine the correct level of intensity for your exercise routine.
So what is the optimum heart rate that you need to be exercising at?

Stu Mittleman identifies three levels –

    1. MAP – the Mostly Aerobic Pace promotes fat utilisation and is great for releasing tension and stress in the body. It is also the zone you want to work in initially if you do not take part in any regular form of exercise.
    2. MEP – the Most Efficient Pace is the most productive zone for developing increased energy and stamina.
    3. SAP – the Speedy Aerobic Pace is when you are burning mainly sugar. SAP interval training is really useful when you have built a good fat burning foundation.

So keeping it simple … using, Stu Mittleman’s formula, the upper limit of the MEP zone is 180 – your age and this is the maximum you want your heart rate to be working to ensure that your body is at it’s most productive and efficient level of movement. Working at or below this maximum level also ensures that your workout becomes a pleasure rather than pain, which will steadily increase your level of vitality.

For more information on how to calculate the precise figures for all the zones have a look at the Slow Burn book by Stu Mittleman.

Slow Burn: Burn Fat Faster by Exercising Slower

Are you Wealthy?

I am reading Wink and Grow Rich by Roger Hamilton and this answer to the question “Are you wealthy?” really stood out for me – The Gardener replied “I have two wonderful daughters and and an incredible husband, I have my health and I have my time, so yes – I am wealthy”


This resonates so much with me and what I choose to focus my coaching on – time, money, health and well being. They are so dependent on each other – to be successful financially we need to learn how to invest our time wisely, we need to learn how to invest our money wisely as we earn it and we need to be willing to invest some of that money and time in our health and well being so that we can remain productive, efficient and effective in all that we do. We are absolutely no use to anyone if we have neglected to look after ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually.


So do you feel wealthy? If not what is missing and what are you willing to do to change it? Why not give me a call, o21 240 6535 or email me to arrange a free coaching session to create the necessary clarity necessary. I look forward to talking with you soon.

Is Striving for Success making you sick?

More and more I am seeing the effects of striving for success on our health and well being. As entrepreneurs it is easy to get excited about what we are creating and to feel really energized. We get a buzz from the adrenaline rush, or feel totally in the flow, and just keep going and going until the energy runs out. Then we can experience that physical and sometimes, mental, exhaustion that can hit us, stopping us in our tracks.

Our bodies will often send us the very clear message through illness or injury that it is time to rest. It can then take even more energy to get motivated again, which is a real challenge when there are no reserves left, and in the process- we lose our productivity for days, weeks or even longer in extreme cases. How successful do you feel when you find yourself in this place? Wouldn’t it be a lot easier if we could learn how to manage the whole energy process more effectively.

This is the part of my business that I am passionate about – creating awareness of the importance of our health and well being in achieving success in our lives and the consequences when we push ourselves to our limits continuously to achieve that success. The flip side of this is that when our energy levels are high and we are physically and mentally in optimum condition it is much easier to feel motivated and be productive achieving lots in any given day.

I will be speaking at the Hutt Valley Women in Business on Tuesday 10 March on this very topic (for further info contact Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce, Phone 939 9821) and will be giving some pointers around managing our energy and motivation levels when striving towards to success. If you know of any other groups that may be interested in hearing about this topic please let me know. And if you need coaching around creating optimum health and well being for success please get in touch – call / text 0212 406 535 or email Heather

Health Issues and Success

The theme for the Inspirational this month was support, however the conversation quickly evolved from building a business into dealing with health issues which can affect how much time and energy is and how to manage it all.

Health and well being is something I am very passionate about and when striving for success in the business world our health can often get put on the back burner. We all know the theory that our bodies will eventually make us slow down to give it the rest it needs if we don’t listen to the warning signs along the way. Yet it still causes shock and surprise when an illness actually happens that stops us in our tracks. And when our bodies let us down we can find that our beliefs about what it means to be successful get turned upside down.  A lot of people I have met recently have great difficulty in adjusting to the changes they need to make in their lifestyles to allow their bodies to recuperate. They struggle with the change in mindset that needs to happen to enable them to make the transition.

The focus for me over the last few years has been very much working with my body and listening to its messages to create a life style that includes the rest, relaxation, exercise and support that my body has needed as I have continued to develop myself and my business. In fact as I reflect on my core values my health and well being would be No.1 for me, with family a very close second and creating an income from work that I am passionate about would come in third. I also believe very strongly that it is possible to be successful in business without compromising either our families or our health and well being – the challenge is getting the right balance that fits with our unique circumstances.

So …

  • What are your beliefs around success, health and well being?
  • Are they supporting you in achieving your goals and dreams or are they getting in the way?
  • Have circumstances changed that are now causing you to question everything you thought you believed in?

If you are being challenged to make adjustments to your lifestyle because of health issues  and could use some extra support call / text Heather on 0212 406 535 or email heather@inspirationscoach.co.nz to explore how coaching can support you at this time.