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Feeling successful…

If you are like me you will find it is very easy to start lots of projects, sign up for lots of courses, and read lots of books. You might find yourself jumping from one idea to the next and not actually focusing fully on anyone thing. And when we have lots on the go at one time like this it is guaranteed to lead to that sense of overwhelm that so many small business owners experience.

So what is the secret to getting out of this place of overwhelm?

  • Firstly make the decision to stop taking in or gathering any more information, tasks or things to do.
  • Secondly do an audit – where have you been investing your time, money and energy? What’s been useful, what’s not, what needs further development? Where do you need more information or do you already have enough information? Is it it time for you to stop thinking, learning or planning and just take action?
  • Then create a list of the priority areas you want to develop or complete as a result of what you have learned.
  • Make the decision to focus on 1 – 3 of these projects until they are complete.

It is a wonderful skill to be able to multi-task, however it can also be a limitation if we are so busy doing lots of things but never actually get anything completed to a point where it is of any use.

By spreading our attention over too many projects we dilute our ability to be successful.

Becoming more focused, choosing one project and completing it to a level that can be useful builds confidence and belief in our ability to be successful.

So what projects have you started and never completed properly? Choose one thing today which you can complete to give you that sense of satisfaction and trust in your ability to be truly successful in all that you do.

And if you’re feeling really stuck with identifying what is most important you can call/ text Heather on 0212 406 535 or email heather@inspirationscoach.co.nz.

Action is the Answer

I was asked last week “what is the answer to believing in yourself enough to achieve your goals? How do you get rid of the doubt that you can achieve what you set out to do?”

This question made me pause and reflect on what has been the “answer” for me. How have I achieved everything I have set out to do. How have I become more confident in myself and what I am capable of achieving?

I realized that there has been no quick fix magic answers. It has been a progressive journey of self discovery and new understanding over quite a few years. However, I have realized that I have been most successful when I have taken time out to reflect – on what I wanted to achieve, what could be getting in the way of me achieving it and what action I might be willing to take to understand and work with the perceived obstacle in a new way. Often the obstacle has been myself and the way I think about my world and a gentle approach has proven to most beneficial for that!!

It is only through doing something different that we can start to build our confidence and belief in ourselves. Taking the same old actions will only re-enforce our feelings of failure as we continue to get the same old results. A willingness to take even the smallest step in a new direction will always move us forward, opening up new opportunities or choices which did not exist earlier.


  • What are you wanting to achieve?
  • What is the main obstacle getting in the way of achieving it?
  • What new action are you ready to take to work with this obstacle in a different way today?

Remember that stopping or doing nothing is also an option when choosing what action to take! If you find this thought challenging call/text Heather on 0212 406 535 or email heather@inspirationscoach.co.nz to arrange a time to chat about how I could support you in exploring some new actions you could take.