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Some quick time management tips

Some keys points I have been reminded off just recently…

  • The importance of doing a few things well versus many things poorly. We seem to live in a world that values busyness where more is better. My challenge to you is to let some of it go.
  • Have some structure in your day or week – blocks of time that are scheduled regularly for activities that are really important to you e.g an inspirational group, yoga, dancing, work.
  • Become aware of the activities that energise you and those that drain you. You may discover that something energises you for half an hour and then starts to to deplete you. Use this knowledge to decide how you want to structure your time.
  • Balance the structure with what I call white space in the calender where nothing is scheduled, free time to follow your intuition, to pause and reflect, to be still. Sometimes you may need lots of white space, sometimes you will need less, so learning how to recognise the signs and to be flexible is crucial.
  • Focus on completing and clearing commitments – a form of decluttering which clears the space for new passions to come into your life.


Post any thoughts or ideas that work for you so we can all continue to learn new ways to manage our time.

Where does the time go?

Following on from my post on Friday I have become aware that I feel like I am spending of time on a voluntary role I have as the President of the Wellington Sub Chapter of International Coach Federation. I really enjoy this role and find it easy to lose track of time when working on it and as the saying goes work will expand to fill the time available if we don’t put limits or boundaries in place to contain it.

So I am revisiting a tool I use periodically to monitor my time when

  • I am not sure what exactly I am doing with my time
  • I seem to be really busy but can’t remember exactly what I have been doing
  • I have no idea if what I am spending my time on is actually of any value.

So what I do is print out a blank calender from Outlook or Google for the current week and I write down everything I do for a week. I then review and colour code blocks of time to get a sense of how much time I spend on voluntary work, admin (especially email), how much is spent on business development and how much is spent on actually generating income.

After reviewing this information I can then make some choices around where I want to reduce or increase my time involvement and plan my next week accordingly. My intention is create a routine which will become automatic and easy to follow allowing for the appropriate balance of my time between all these activities.

Give it a go – you might be surprised what you learn!!