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4 reasons that make it difficult to make decisions and some solutions…

1. Not enough information or lack of clarity to make a good decision.

  • What is the decision that needs to be made here?
  • Focus on the Intention – what is the purpose to be achieved from this decision?
  • Identify possible options from there.
  • Am I the right person to make this decision?
  • What information do I need? Is there more information I require before I am in a position to make a decision. Does someone else need to decide something else first?
  • Practice trust in your intuition, your gut feeling with smaller decisions so that you can then become more comfortable with using your intuition with larger decisions.
  • Practice trust in the process of life. Be willing to acknowledge there will be decisions that can’t be made now – there will be steps that you need to take which you are unaware of right now, yet also know that these will reveal themselves as you move further along your journey. Hold the intention of the final result in your mind, keep asking “What decisions do I need to make today?”  and step by step you will find yourself becoming less fearful with the decision making process as you get closer to the result you are working towards.

2. Limiting beliefs and negative self talk. Become aware of the story you tell yourself about making decisions e.g. I always get them wrong; I’m hopeless at making decisions.  Create an affirmation to counteract the negative self talk – I’m a great decision maker. I can make decisions confidently and with ease. I love to make decisions! Become curious with a key question… How can I allow this to become easier? How can I enjoy making decisions on this project? Then create some space to listen for the answers …

3. Feeling rushed or pressured. Create some space when you feel the pressure to make a decision – go for a quick walk round the block to clear your head and get fresh air, or postpone the decision until the next morning. I have a personal rule if the decision is not 100% clear for me immediately to wait 24 hours. After putting the decision on the back burner and having a good nights sleep I often know exactly what it is I need to do.

4. Fear of success, failure, rejection. It is hard to make a decision when we worry about what other people think.

  • Accept it is OK to make mistakes – that is how we learn.
  • You can also give yourself permission to change your mind if it is possible  – sometimes we need to try something out before we can confidently know if it was the right decision or not.
  • Learn to trust that the decision you make, even thought it may appear wrong, may in fact lead to the perfect solution further on. New and innovative ideas often come from mistakes!
  • Sometimes we may know what we want to do; we have made the decision in our heads however our fear of saying it can make us feel indecisive. Practice asserting your thoughts and opinions in relation to decisions, be prepared to say NO and learn how to handle others response when they are upset with what you have decided!


One of the most basic and most effective tools that we can use in creating change is affirmations. An affirmation, as we commonly know it, is a statement that is positive, in present tense and starts with “I”. People are often skeptical about using them, thinking of them as a new age gimmick and unbelievable or unrealistic.


The interesting thing is that we are already using affirmations every day and reaping the corresponding results. Affirmations are nothing more than our self talk – what we are telling ourselves. If we continually affirm what we fear, or what we don’t want to happen that is what we get. So wouldn’t it make sense to look more closely at the results that we are getting and how what we are “affirming to ourselves” could be influencing them?


One of the easiest ways to use affirmations is to decide on your outcome and then create a positive statement that reflects what you want in present tense. Initially it will feel strange, possibly even really uncomfortable, however the more you keep repeating the statement the easier it becomes and the more believable, and therefore more possible, it becomes.


You can also create a more general statement such as “Whatever happens, I’ll handle it” – this is one from Susan Jeffer’s books on handling fear that has seen me through many a challenging situation. Check out her website for more information on her affirmations or pick up a book from the library.



  • Think about a challenge that you are facing right now – e.g. asking for something you want.
  • Write down what the outcome is you want to achieve – e.g. being able to state clearly and concisely what you want.
  • Write this outcome in a positive sentence e.g. I am able to state what I want clearly and concisely every time.
  • Repeat this statement again and again throughout the day, write it down 10 times in your journal or put it on post it notes around your house and work.


Give it a go and see what happens. And if you need some support around how to get a statement that really works for you and the challenge you are facing just send me an email and we can arrange a time to talk.

Do your affirmations work?

It has always been hotly debated if affirmations really work or not and I have often questioned the use of them myself. Yet I do believe they are a very useful tool especially as a gauge of how clear your intention is and how you feel about it.


And I am definitely a very firm believer in setting an intention for everything you do in business or life. The clearer the picture is and the better you feel about it the more likely it is that you will achieve it.


What tends to happen in reality is that this picture can be murky or there will be an uncomfortable feeling as you think “how could I ever achieve this?” Whereas the idea is to have fun with the dream and just play with your imagination allowing yourself to really enjoy the experience of what it would be like once you have achieved your dream.


When you are in this place of playfulness and fun your affirmations will have a different feeling around them and will then become much more powerful for you.



  • How do feel about affirmations?
  • Create an affirmation and try it out – how do you feel as you say it?
  • Do you need to revisit your intention and get clear on what you really want to achieve?

Keep playing with the intention until you start to get a good feeling as you say your affirmation. Then start saying it every day and see what happens. And remember, if you need some extra support with this call/text Heather on 0212 406 535 or Email heather@inspirationscoach.co.nz.