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Once we clearly know what we want we can then state it as an intention…

I intend that e.g

I am …..

I have ….

When we set an intention we don’t set a time limit as we would normally do for setting a goal. As we set an intention we are also letting go of the need to know how it will happen by identifying every action step to take.

We acknowledge that it is not all up to us to create what we desire – we are working in collaboration with Life, the Universe, God or whatever you believe in and we follow this guidance by listening to and following our gut instincts, our intuition, our inner knowing, about what actions to take at any given moment.

We need only to be willing to take one step at a time, trusting that the next step will become clear after we have completed the first one.

We must be willing to trust in the unknown … to let go and trust the process of life to lead us in the perfect direction to achieve our desires in the most efficient time frame for us, and all concerned, without putting undue stress on our minds and bodies.

Use your journal to keep a record of any new Intentions you decide to focus on, along with any related thoughts, synchronicities, actions, opportunities or accomplishments that occur each day. Notice how this gentler approach to “goal setting” can still produce amazing results in your life.


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