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The topic of respect has come up for a few of my clients this week so it seems an appropriate subject to explore. Here are some thoughts on the matter…

I have often heard the saying that respect has to be earned – we have to do something to deserve to be respected – so what is it we need to do that means we are respected?

The things I have heard people say that are linked to respect are being educated, academic, wealthy, or masterful in a particular skill yet we all know people who have achieved success in these areas and they still don’t command respect. So what is respect really about?

The dictionary says respect is to “treat with consideration”. I believe that to be treated with consideration we also need to find a way to treat others with consideration even when we don’t admire or approve of who they are or what they are doing. This can be a real challenge when they are part of our families or represent a part of “who” we are.

If we believe we are not respected we will create situations in our lives that reflect that belief. When this happens in only certain pockets of our lives we need to consider what the lack of respect is about in this area. On the other hand if we believe we deserve respect and treat ourselves and others with respect we will start to experience more of it in all areas of our lives as well.

Here are some great questions that may be useful…

  • What parts of my life do I not give respect to others?
  • Where do I give respect to others easily?
  • How do I show respect to others?
  • How do I decide whether I respect someone or not?

Have you got someone you respect immensely in your life? What is it that you respect about that person? Please share your experiences or thoughts so we can all learn some more on the subject – I look forward to hearing what you have to say. You can also reach me by calling/texting 0212 406 535 or emailing

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