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This week the challenge for me has been how to move forward steadily on quite a few different areas that I am focused on developing right now. It is so easy to procrastinate when their is a lot on your mind and everything is a priority!

So this week I have started to trial a new technique I have come across in a book by Mark Forster called Get Everything Done: And Still Have Time to Play. The bit about still having time to play was what caught my attention the most!!

Get Everything Done: And Still Have Time to Play

So the new technique I discovered showed me how to work in short bursts of time which increase slowly as momentum is built.

I started with a list of 6 tasks I wanted to be working on steadily. I had a 2 hour block of time available to devote to these tasks. I started to work on each task on my list by using a timer to gave each task 5 min of my time. I must admit I thought what can you do in 5 min but I got started on doing something and that was the whole point- something is always better than nothing! Then next round I gave each task 10 min of my time and the third time round I gave each task 15 min.

It felt particularly good at the end of the day as I felt I had used the 2 hour space very effectively and I had addressed all of my 6 key projects on one day.

So this is a new tool I can add to my toolbox for times when I have a lot of projects on the go and want to make steady progress on them all at the same time. Why don’t you give it a go and let me know how this tip works for you? You can email me on or call/text me on 0212 406 535 if you want to set up a time to have a chat and explore how I can support you with getting clarity around what you priorities are in the first place!

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