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Many time management systems recommend that we keep our list of tasks for the day short, that we focus on only 3 – 4  key tasks each day.  To help me prioritise I ask myself

  • What are the key tasks that absolutely need to be completed today?
  • I also like to take this one step further at the start of each day by asking myself

  • What is the  one task that I would really like to complete today?
  • Once I have completed that task I can then re ask the question and move on to the next task that is most important.

    I can also put time frames  round this question as well. If I know I only have 1 hour available I can ask

  • What is the one most important task that I would like to work on for the next hour?”
  • These powerful questions can really focus your attention, helping you to be more productive and efficient with your use of time – give them a go and let me know how you get on.

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