My Top Ten Book List

This is a list of the books that have been a big influence in my own personal growth and development. 

  1. Heal Your Life – Louise L. Hay
  2. A New Earth. Create a Better Life – Eckhart Tolle
  3. Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway. How to turn your Fear and Indecision into Confidence and Action by Susan Jeffers
  4. Take Time for your Life. A seven Step programme for Creating the Life You Want by Cheryl Richardson
  5. Stand up for Your Life. A Practical Step-by-Step Plan to Build Inner Confidence and Personal Power by Cheryl Richardson
  6. The Artists Way. A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron
  7. Fierce Conversations. Achieving Success at Work and in Life, One Conversation at a Time by Susan Scott
  8. People Skills. How to assert yourself, listen to others and resolve conflicts by Robert Bolton
  9. Reflections in the Light. Daily thoughts and Affirmations by Shakti Gawain
  10. Successful but Something Missing. Daring to Enjoy Life to the Full by Ben Renshaw


Let me know if any of these have influenced you…

1 thought on “My Top Ten Book List

  1. Lee Wilkinson

    Love your list, Heather. I have read only a few of them although I have read some other books by Eckhart Tolle. My most favourite self-help book of allis: ‘The Art of Possibility’ by Ben Zander and Rosamunde Stone Zander. You can also see him on YouTube doing some amazing work.

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