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I have quite a few goals and projects on the go right now and it has been a real challenge finding the best way to manage my time with it all. These last few days I have been working relatively efficiently and I thought it could be useful to share some of the key elements that are helping me along the way. So here they are…

  1. I create space by clearing my desk of all unnecessary paperwork.
  2. I do a brain dump of all the activities that I need to do and ideas that are in my head.
  3. I then run through these and divide the list into those I want to do now and those I can deliberate on for a bit longer.
  4. I then go through the list of those tasks I want to do now and split the list into Do Right Now, and schedule the others – I consolidate these tasks under a heading e.g admin, budget review, I.C.F.A. admin and schedule appointments with myself in Outlook to complete them.
  5. When finished this process I then get straight to it and start my Do Right Now list immediately.

Another strategy I currently using is to set a deadline for these appointments – a definite finish time. I am using my timer to let me know when I am 10 min off that deadline and I start to wrap up the project and reschedule any incomplete parts at this point.

It’s working for me – why don’t you give it a try if you are struggling with managing your time and let me know how you get on. Alternatively if you adapt any of these or have a different way of managing your time why not add a comment below (by clicking on the word comment) and share your experiences too.

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