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As we decide that we want to change something in our lives we inevitably have to change our behavior – the way that we do things.

When we start to change how we do something there will be an uncomfortable period of time as we withdraw from the need to behave in that way. There may be a feeling of fear or restlessness as we come to terms with the space that has been left by the absence of the old behavior.

Once we know this will happen we can then plan how to handle those times in a better way.

Journaling is always a good way to discover what exactly it is we are feeling and the meaning we have given to the experience. Awareness of the thoughts that are causing the discomfort can sometimes be enough to allow the old behavior to go.

We can also plan what we want to do instead of the old behavior – e.g. instead of working into the evening we can plan to read a great book or spend time with the children. Instead of having that cigarette, or spending money we can plan to go for a walk or tackle a job that we have been putting off.

Once we are prepared for the potential consequences of the changes we want to make the process of creating change becomes so much easier.

So if you’re struggling with making changes in your life why not call/ text Heather on 0212 406 535 or email to access some support that can make the whole porcess so much easier.

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