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The key to health and well being is to learn how to feel great in motion so you can have uniform and abundant energy levels, feel excited about what is happening to your body, and look forward to your movement sessions rather than dreading them.

The movement, rather than the end result, is the reward. So during a run or walk for example the intention is to focus on the movement, to pay attention to what you are experiencing – what you see, hear and feel around you and within your body. Notice where are you feeling tension and allow it to relax.

Exercising in this way is almost like a meditation – it brings you totally into the moment and brings a sense of clarity and spaciousness to the mind as well as building stamina and energy levels. It really doesn’t have to hurt to be good for you.

So why don’t you give it a go – start experimenting with moving your body to find a way that feels good, that you enjoy and can therefore really look forward to doing.

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