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The discussion at this cafe focused on the challenges of fear and how to handle all those that come up in our life.

The key point to come out of the conversation today was that everyone of us will experience fear at one time or another. The feeling of fear is an emotion and it will come and go the same as any other emotions we experience – the point of choice comes in how we choose to handle fear when it arises. Here is some of what was shared today…

  • Learn to accept the fear – name it and allow yourself to just sit with it for a while. In reality some things that we fear will happen – we will fail, we will be rejected at times, we will feel that we have no control over something, we will feel stuck. So having accepted the fear and where we are right now focus your attention on how you want to handle this situation when it happens, or as it exists.
  • Bring yourself back to the present moment – fear only ever lives in the future – we fear what may happen. Right now in this moment we are OK – we’re still living and breathing after all! So bring your attention back to this moment by focusing on your breathing – allow yourself to take a few deep breaths and use some affirmations such as “All is well in my world” or “Whatever happens I can handle it”
  • Refocus on your intentions – what do you want to have happen, how do you want your life to be? Often fears come up because we have set an intention to live our lives in a particular way and life very kindly sends us all the obstacles in the form of fears to be healed or cleared so we can achieve what we desire. Once you are clear on the intention ask yourself – what is the first step/ what do I need to do today or right now?
  • Celebrate your mistakes – it is OK to make them – that is how we learn!
  • Give yourself permission to change your mind, or to choose what fears you are ready to face. Remember you are in charge and you don’t have to scare the life out of yourself. It’s OK to allow your life to be calm and peaceful!!
  • Get physical – we can get stuck in our heads so do something physical to shift the energy. Go for a walk, get out in the fresh air, do some anger releasing work if necessary, dance…
  • Build a really strong support system – create a list of tools and resources or people you can call on to support you when you are being challenged in life. (Bach flower remedies, EFT and NLP were other modalities mentioned today that are useful in handling fear).

Here is the link for the recording from Jan Lundy, yet again, which I have found so useful in handling those times when you feel stuck. You can also check out the Susan Jeffers website as a resource for some very powerful affirmations.

Check out some of my other posts for more tools that may be useful and for those who have access to my Client Area log in to access an up to date document on Suggestions for Managing Fear.

I look forward to seeing you all at the next cafe, the last one for this year, on Tues 7th December 2010 at 9 am

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