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No matter how much we believe we can do “it” all on our own, everyone will need to reach out for support in some shape or form at some stage of their lives.
It is a good idea to build a list of resources that you know and trust to call on in those times of need. Keep it by the phone or somewhere easy to access for when you are under pressure and don’t know where to turn. So…

  • Create a list of resources you think you may need from time to time and would like to have around you. Use headings such as children, personal, relationships, business or work, financial etc. For a list of suggestions to get you started send an email to
  • Fill in the names of people you already know that you would be happy to access for support. Remember to include your family and friends as well as professionals.
  • Become aware of the people you meet or hear of around you and add them to your list as you get to know about them, and feel you could trust them.

Most of us tend to find it hard to reach out for help when we are in difficulties. Make sure you put some thought into this list so you can be prepared to choose the best support for whatever the situation in times of need.

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