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I am a great believer in what goes around comes around and that how we treat other people will come back to us in some way or other. If we are critical and intolerant of others they will, likewise, be critical and intolerant of us. What I also find is that when someone is very critical and intolerant of others they are often privately very critical and intolerant of themselves as well.

At some point a choice must be made to let go of the criticism – to become aware of all the times we criticize others, as well as ourselves, and to stop so that we can experience more peace.

We need to recognize that we are all only human, and we all make mistakes. Some of the lessons from these mistakes can be very painful and difficult to live with. We all need support, kindness and encouragement when we feel we have failed, so be the first to send a kind thought, to offer a word of support or do something for another to show that, even though you may not approve of their actions, that you understand and have compassion for their humanness.

If we are able to turn our thoughts around and find a way to be compassionate with other people’s perceived failings we will also benefit from this ability to offer compassion to ourselves when we need it as well.

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