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The theme for the Inspirational this month was support, however the conversation quickly evolved from building a business into dealing with health issues which can affect how much time and energy is and how to manage it all.

Health and well being is something I am very passionate about and when striving for success in the business world our health can often get put on the back burner. We all know the theory that our bodies will eventually make us slow down to give it the rest it needs if we don’t listen to the warning signs along the way. Yet it still causes shock and surprise when an illness actually happens that stops us in our tracks. And when our bodies let us down we can find that our beliefs about what it means to be successful get turned upside down.  A lot of people I have met recently have great difficulty in adjusting to the changes they need to make in their lifestyles to allow their bodies to recuperate. They struggle with the change in mindset that needs to happen to enable them to make the transition.

The focus for me over the last few years has been very much working with my body and listening to its messages to create a life style that includes the rest, relaxation, exercise and support that my body has needed as I have continued to develop myself and my business. In fact as I reflect on my core values my health and well being would be No.1 for me, with family a very close second and creating an income from work that I am passionate about would come in third. I also believe very strongly that it is possible to be successful in business without compromising either our families or our health and well being – the challenge is getting the right balance that fits with our unique circumstances.

So …

  • What are your beliefs around success, health and well being?
  • Are they supporting you in achieving your goals and dreams or are they getting in the way?
  • Have circumstances changed that are now causing you to question everything you thought you believed in?

If you are being challenged to make adjustments to your lifestyle because of health issues  and could use some extra support call / text Heather on 0212 406 535 or email to explore how coaching can support you at this time.

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