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A New Year – a new beginning – and everything is up for review…

Including how I reflect on the old year and plan for the new one. How much time did I want to spend on this process? There are many different tools and suggestions available on the best way to do this, and you may have a system that works really well for you. I had a system of questions that worked well for me over the last few years, which I created an end of year retreat around. However this year I found myself asking – do I still want to spend this amount of time on review and retrospection? The past is over so how much time do I really want to spend on it? Is there a different way that I can be with this process this year?

As a result, I found myself pulling out questions from my end of year retreat workshop, which were the ones I felt really needed my attention … What needs to be completed to wrap up last year? Is there any unfinished business that needs attention? What’s calling me forward in the New Year? What possibilities exist that stimulate me, generate a hint of excitement or anticipation, or a potential challenge and growth? I printed out a one page year planner to pencil in any relevant dates. What’s my theme for the year? What’s the one word or short phrase that captures the essence of what I want to focus my attention on this year? And lastly I noted down a few things about what I desire under the headings … Personal Money/ income Artistic

As a result the whole reflection and review process became very simple. It took half an hour and 2 pages in my A5 journal. If you haven’t you haven’t taken time to think about your year ahead yet, why not give it a go with these questions. It’s all about keeping it simple and focusing on what really matters to you! Let me know how you get on by leaving a comment below.

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