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I’m not a builder by any stretch of the imagination. However this analogy on the importance of creating solid foundations came to mind as I was reflecting on the results that I am achieving in my life and business right now and how they happened.

I have been committed to my own personal development and growth over the last 10 years. I believe this has been a key foundational block in building success in my life and business. I am not the same person I was 10 years ago and consequently I am achieving very different results than I was 10 years ago.

This is the analogy that came to mind…

When we try to build a successful business on rocky foundations we can get mixed results – we can end up with a building that looks beautiful from the outside yet with the first rumbles of an earthquake can start to fall apart really quickly, despite the fact that the craftsmanship in the rest of the building may appear faultless. The building may look less than desirable because of shortcuts, shoddy workmanship, or the lack of knowledge in how to build the structure. Or the building may never even get off the ground as each part crumbles even as it is constructed.

Sometimes we need to stop building to step back and take a long, hard look at what we are creating…

  • How strong are our foundations?
  • Is it possible to reinforce our foundations as we continue to build – how can we do this?
  • Do we need to put the build on hold until the foundations are totally solid?
  • Or do we need to dismantle the building and recreate solid foundations before we start to build again?

There are lots of choices, some of which can be hard to make, and as usual the first step is to become aware of what is really happening – to look at the truth of the situation.

For me there has been a high investment in time and money over many years on the foundations of my life and I have focused in particular over the last 6 months in putting a hold on the build of my business so I could put some key blocks in place, both personally and professionally that had been missing. Despite the fact of putting the build on hold, the attention I have given to the foundations is already paying amazing dividends.

So were are you at on your building site? I would love to hear your thoughts – just add your comments below. And if you need support in reinforcing those foundations please just get in touch – I have plenty of experience to offer!!

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