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What gets in the way of you dreaming?

Everything we want to create starts with a dream – a vision of the end result. As children we used our imagination freely, yet as adults we seem to lose this ability to dream easily as we grow older.

As you relax and start to picture the life you imagine you want to be living what happens?

Do you go blank? Do you find it hard to picture something that you have no direct experience of? Do you start to feel scared in case you can’t achieve this wonderful life that you desire? Does it make you feel sad with the life that you are living as you think of what is missing right now?

Awareness is the first step to freedom – identify what holds you back from dreaming and enjoying an imaginary world just like you were able to do as a child. Acknowledge your thoughts and beliefs and then be willing to let them go. Start to dream again and capture your ideas by journaling or drawing mind maps and pictures and see what happens.

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