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Isn’t it interesting how we all have different experiences of Christmas – a lot of people find it very stressful, saying they hate this time of year. And then there are those people who love it. I met with one of those just this week who absolutely loved Christmas and gets a lot of pleasure out of decorating her home and preparing. Her face just lit up as she talked about it.

This got me reflecting about what makes the difference. What stops us from being able to really enjoy this time of year and as usual it comes down to our thinking. Often there is a lot of fear – fear of not being able to afford gifts for the family, of having a larger than usual grocery bill to cater for the big day. There may be fear of not getting the right presents for others, or not knowing who to buy for. There may be sadness at all the stuff that we can’t afford to buy, or from being alone. There may be worries over lack of income if you are self employed as everything closes down for at least 2 weeks, or you may not be looking forward to all the extra hours to be worked if you are in retail – when will there be time to attend to all your own needs in between. Strikes me as I read over this that money and relationships are the two common factors.

One of the skills I teach my clients is to become aware of what they are focusing on – often we focus on what we don’t want rather than what we do and this makes a huge difference on how we feel about life. A tip to help with choosing what to focus on at this time of year is to ask yourself a key question. A great example could be “How can I really enjoy and get pleasure from this time of year?”

Ask yourself this question or create another that fits better for what you want to focus on and let me know what you discover. And if you need some extra support at this time call/ text Heather on  0212 406 535 or email to explore some options.

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