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The Secret to Happiness and being Rich

You are rich if you have enough money to satisfy all your desires. So there are two ways to be rich: You earn, inherit,borrow, beg, or steal enough money to meet all your desires; or, you cultivate a simple lifestyle of few desires; that way you always have enough money…

The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.

Way of the Peaceful Warrior, A book that Changes Lives

by Dan McMillan

Are you Wealthy?

I am reading Wink and Grow Rich by Roger Hamilton and this answer to the question “Are you wealthy?” really stood out for me – The Gardener replied “I have two wonderful daughters and and an incredible husband, I have my health and I have my time, so yes – I am wealthy”


This resonates so much with me and what I choose to focus my coaching on – time, money, health and well being. They are so dependent on each other – to be successful financially we need to learn how to invest our time wisely, we need to learn how to invest our money wisely as we earn it and we need to be willing to invest some of that money and time in our health and well being so that we can remain productive, efficient and effective in all that we do. We are absolutely no use to anyone if we have neglected to look after ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually.


So do you feel wealthy? If not what is missing and what are you willing to do to change it? Why not give me a call, o21 240 6535 or email me to arrange a free coaching session to create the necessary clarity necessary. I look forward to talking with you soon.

Creating a plan to manage your money

Do you ever have the opportunity to go away for a weekend and then feel sick when you feel that you can’t afford to go? Would you like to be able to go shopping for clothes, or gifts without feeling guilty or that you can’t afford it. Would you like to know that you have funds available to spend on these things when you want to?


Well, the “not so secret” secret is to create the plan to make it happen – becoming intentional about what you do with your money is what will make all the difference.


There is a great budget tool at the New Zealand Federation of Family Budgeting Services INC. which I have found really useful in crafting the plan of how I want to spend my money. Just enter all the regular bills and payments that you make and remember to include all the things you want to have money available for i.e. the gifts, personal self care, clothes, holidays and anything else that is important to you. It never ceases to amaze me how often we leave out the very things that are most important to us in these plans!! Then start to play with the numbers to see how much you can allocate to each of these areas each year or month that will fit within your current income.


It doesn’t matter how much you allow for each area as long as there is some number in there to show that you are committed to making it happen. The next step will be to then find a way to put the money aside so it will be available when you need it or want to spend some.


Check out my blog on Mon 6  July for information on a new Program I am offering called “Your money: From Woe to Wow!” This will support you in creating the plan and implementing it over a three month period – there’s a money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose… book a free coaching session now to identify your money issues, set up to 3 financial goals and outline how we can help you achieve them. I look forward to talking to you soon.

Creating a Game plan for money

I have been working with a few clients over the last few months with money management challenges, and as a result have created a new Coaching Program called Your Money: From Woe to Wow!


The purpose of this program is to take a really honest look at how you manage your finances so that you can identify the areas that are a struggle for you – for some it is managing debt, for others it is not being able to save, or for others it is not being able to generate the income they want to earn.


  • Step one is taking an inventory of where you stand now
  • Step two is setting very clear outcomes – how would you like to manage and feel about your money?
  • Step three is co creating the strategies that will work for you to transform how you manage your money – strategies that suit your style of management and will allow you to achieve your goals easily.


The program runs for a minimum of three months with two coaching sessions scheduled each month and lots of support in between as you complete the steps to move you forward. This is the minimum time I find that it takes to get really clear on how you want to manage your money and create sustainable change.


I am so confident that this Program will change how you handle your money that I am offering a money back guarantee. If you make the commitment to work with me for 3 months and complete all of your agreed actions between each meeting and are not satisfied with the results that you have achieved, or the progress you are making towards your desired goals, I will give you back your money. So what have you got to lose?


Contact me now by email or phone/text 021 240 6535 to arrange a free one hour session where we’ll help you identify your money issues, set up three financial goals and outline how I can help you achieve them.

The Inspiration Economy

I received an email from Dave Buck at Coachville this week promoting courses for the professional development of coaches. He had an interesting perspective on the economy which really caught my attention. He says… The current economy is based on creating and selling STUFF in mass quantities to people who are thought of as “Consumers”. Well, this model is crumbling because people everywhere are rising in consciousness. The more conscious you become, the less STUFF you desire.   You become less and less a consumer, and more and more a creator. What you desire is to create your life with joyful and fulfilling experiences that contribute to the lives of others; is more about fulfilling experience and less about accumulating STUFF. Yes, you will still desire a few nice things, but even those things will be based on beauty and meaning over quantity. This is what I have called: The Inspiration Economy. This is what we do every day as a coach. And this is what we Coach our players and clients to do as well. We are the models and we have the service to help others live an “Inspiration Economy” life.

As the economy shifts and changes around us I truly believe it is a wonderful opportunity to reassess and choose to refocus on those things that are really important in our lives. As the purse strings tighten we may have to look at what we spend our money on and reassess what value we are getting from those spending habits. Do they give us a lasting sense of fulfilment or is there something more important that we could be doing with our time and money rather than going shopping.

I would love to hear your thoughts and any changes that you are making in your life that reflects these changing times – just add your comments below.

And if you are ready to make this paradigm shift in how you live your life, but don’t know how, please call/text Heather on 0212 406 535 or email me now to arrange a time to talk.

Challenging times with Finances

It is interesting times that we are living in right now as many people face challenges with their finances – how to generate income despite the perceived downturn in the economy, or how to manage limited funds in a different way.  It seems like everyone, whether governments, big corporations or small businesses, are suddenly being called to become accountable for previous spending, debt management and results from investments. I think the opportunity at this time, for us as individuals, is to pause and take stock of the financial decisions we have made and the results we are reaping, with a view to determine what our path forward needs to be. This is an opportunity to take responsibility and learn from any mistakes so that we can create the results we want in our future. It can be an opportunity to explore and play with new ways of managing our finances, so we can learn discipline as well as how to experience more joy and pleasure from what we choose to do with our money. We can also use this time as an opportunity to learn how to simplify our lives by asking “do I really need to be spending all this money or doing all these things?” I believe there is a direct correlation between money, time and energy – adjustments in one area will reap benefits in another. So if you’re ready to make some changes to how you manage your finances get in touch to have a chat about how I can support you. Text 0212 4063 535 or email

New Beginnings

Having been self employed for most of my working life I have always felt that this time of the year is a great opportunity to start a fresh in business. The end of the financial year on the 31st March allows me to reflect on my successes, on the disappointments and on what got in the way of me achieving the goals I had set.

I work from a holistic point of view, believing that our satisfaction with our personal life will reflect on our business life, and vice versa. So there is always the reassessment of how my personal life is performing and how everything fits together for me at the same time.

Part of this process of closing off the last financial year is the physical clearing out of all the old receipts and paper work to be filed away, or to be dealt with by the accountant. I get a lot of satisfaction from clearing out clutter and completing these sorts of activities always increases my energy. And of course it creates the space for lots of new opportunities to come into my life.

So …

  • How has your business performed over the last year? Are you satisfied or feeling disappointed?
  • How do you want it to be different this year?
  • Are you ready to do what it takes to make this happen?

Call/text 0212 406 535 or email me now on  to have a chat about how you would like this next financial year to be different and explore how I can support you.