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I am reading Wink and Grow Rich by Roger Hamilton and this answer to the question “Are you wealthy?” really stood out for me – The Gardener replied “I have two wonderful daughters and and an incredible husband, I have my health and I have my time, so yes – I am wealthy”


This resonates so much with me and what I choose to focus my coaching on – time, money, health and well being. They are so dependent on each other – to be successful financially we need to learn how to invest our time wisely, we need to learn how to invest our money wisely as we earn it and we need to be willing to invest some of that money and time in our health and well being so that we can remain productive, efficient and effective in all that we do. We are absolutely no use to anyone if we have neglected to look after ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually.


So do you feel wealthy? If not what is missing and what are you willing to do to change it? Why not give me a call, o21 240 6535 or email me to arrange a free coaching session to create the necessary clarity necessary. I look forward to talking with you soon.

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