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In any given moment if we are not happy with what we are experiencing in life we must be willing to look at the excuses that are stopping us from taking responsibility and achieving what we really want.


The only way that we can change the results that we are achieving is to change our behavior or our attitude towards what is happening. This is the hardest lesson to accept – it is up to us to make the changes and no one else.

When we use excuses it keeps us stuck in a victim mode. Excuses take our power away and reduce our confidence in ourselves and our ability to be in charge of our own life and destiny. It is so much easier to blame other people or circumstances – it is always their fault. And so we assign responsibility to something or someone else for our life, missing an opportunity to learn and grow in confidence.


I believe there will always be a choice – if not an action we can take, then at least an attitude, a way of being with a situation which can allow us to move forward.

So ….

  • Where in your life do you make excuses?
  • If you were really committed to achieving your desires what excuses would you drop immediately?
  • Are you willing to find a solution to your excuses?
  • What support do you need to be able to acknowledge these excuses to regain your power and make a more resourceful choice?

Call/ text Heather now on 0212 406 535 or Email to explore available support to deal to your excuses today.

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