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Are you experiencing setbacks or obstacles which are preventing you from achieving the success that is important to you? Has everything been going smoothly in your life and then something has gotten in the way which is making your progress much more difficult, or even brings you to a grinding halt. When this happens our tendency is to battle on and to work even harder to achieve the results we want. There does come a point, though, if the obstacles are not being resolved that we need to pause, and take stock.

  • Are the actions we are busy taking the wrong actions?
  • Maybe they are the right actions but at the wrong time?
  • Or is there another step that is even more important that needs to be attended to first?
Create some space to reflect on what has thrown you off course – we often lose the sense of flow and synchronicity that produces results when we have lost sight of our calling or purpose for the activity in the first place, or when we have compromised a Life Intention or Standard of Integrity. When this happens creating some space to reflect allows us to course correct and connect in with our Inner Guidance System which will get the ball rolling smoothly again. Heather can help with getting the clarity you need at these times – call her on 0212 406 535 or Email

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