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One of the most basic and most effective tools that we can use in creating change is affirmations. An affirmation, as we commonly know it, is a statement that is positive, in present tense and starts with “I”. People are often skeptical about using them, thinking of them as a new age gimmick and unbelievable or unrealistic.


The interesting thing is that we are already using affirmations every day and reaping the corresponding results. Affirmations are nothing more than our self talk – what we are telling ourselves. If we continually affirm what we fear, or what we don’t want to happen that is what we get. So wouldn’t it make sense to look more closely at the results that we are getting and how what we are “affirming to ourselves” could be influencing them?


One of the easiest ways to use affirmations is to decide on your outcome and then create a positive statement that reflects what you want in present tense. Initially it will feel strange, possibly even really uncomfortable, however the more you keep repeating the statement the easier it becomes and the more believable, and therefore more possible, it becomes.


You can also create a more general statement such as “Whatever happens, I’ll handle it” – this is one from Susan Jeffer’s books on handling fear that has seen me through many a challenging situation. Check out her website for more information on her affirmations or pick up a book from the library.



  • Think about a challenge that you are facing right now – e.g. asking for something you want.
  • Write down what the outcome is you want to achieve – e.g. being able to state clearly and concisely what you want.
  • Write this outcome in a positive sentence e.g. I am able to state what I want clearly and concisely every time.
  • Repeat this statement again and again throughout the day, write it down 10 times in your journal or put it on post it notes around your house and work.


Give it a go and see what happens. And if you need some support around how to get a statement that really works for you and the challenge you are facing just send me an email and we can arrange a time to talk.

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