Heather’s Bio

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Heather Stevenson is a personal development coach, counsellor and transformational educator.

She is passionate about encouraging clients to trust their intuitive knowledge about what they need and the next step that is best for them in their lives. She helps her clients make sense of their experiences, so they can use these experiences to strengthen their courage and resilience and clarify their goals moving forward. She shares practical tools and resources, ideas and strategies to support clients so they can increase their health and well-being and experience more joy and pleasure in their lives every day. She is particularly interested in relationship issues offering individual and couple sessions to help create more peace and harmony in this area of life.

Heather believes in being intentional about our lives – we can choose how we shape our lives rather than allowing life to just happen to us. She encourages her clients to stay active in their lives – becoming conscious of the many choices that they make each day which has lead to their current experience of life.

Heather was born in Northern Ireland and has lived in New Zealand for many years now with her Kiwi-born husband and two sons. She has a love for learning and has trained as a Life Coach, an NLP Master Practitioner and is currently completing a degree in Counselling. Her career trajectory has flowed from beauty therapist, to business owner, to makeup artist for TVNZ, to sales and training before being drawn to a career in the field of personal development. She was an active member of the Wellington Branch of the International Coach Federation as President, then Treasurer for 5 years before making the decision to further her education and knowledge in the area of trauma.

She currently spends two days working with Parent Help and Living Well Counselling Centre and three days in her private practice, meeting clients in her office or on-line from the comfort of their own homes.

She enjoys playing with paint and creative projects, gardening with her husband, movies, yoga and lots of reading in her spare time.