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There are three important components that we need to invest our time in to be successful in all that we do. There is a time for planning and preparing a plan of action, there is a time for action and there is a time for review.


Sometimes we can get stuck in one of these areas – we can spend far too long creating plans and avoiding taking action, or we can be so busy taking actions that we can end up wasting time doing things that just aren’t effective in producing the result we want. Often the review part just gets forgotten when in fact it is the most important part.


It is a good idea to take stock of what we have accomplished so we can check where we are on the journey towards our goal. We can then celebrate our successes, which motivates us to continue, and refocus on the steps that we still need to take, so that we can invest our time wisely in only those actions that will produce the results we are looking for.


So, have you reviewed your last few weeks or months recently?

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