May 2, 2008 · Time management

As mentioned in my previous blog I have started to work with closed lists each day to become really aware of what a day’s work looks like. This allows me to actually see if I am being realistic with my work load or not.

Here is a summary of the closed list that I work with daily, in the order that seems to work well for me right now.

  1. Current Initiative – the project I have selected to focus on until it is complete. ( This can be used to clear any back log when I get behind as well).
  2. Writing on my blog, 3 times per week.
  3. Emails from yesterday which I flag for follow up in Outlook.
  4. Voice messages from yesterday, requests from anyone.
  5. Paper work – letters, receipts, record keeping etc that arrived yesterday.
  6. Task Diary – these are any tasks I have collected the previous day to think about or action
  7. End of Day I review my next days list and close it off.

Do it Tomorrow and Other Secrets of Time ManagementThis process is taken from Do It Tomorrow by Mark Forster – check out his website at for more information.

For support in creating a new way to manage your time and work load email Heather or call/ text 0212 406 535 to arrange a time to talk.

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