I am reading Wink and Grow Rich by Roger Hamilton and this answer to the question “Are you wealthy?” really stood out for me – The Gardener replied “I have two wonderful daughters and and an incredible husband, I have my health and I have my time, so yes – I am wealthy”


This resonates so much with me and what I choose to focus my coaching on – time, money, health and well being. They are so dependent on each other – to be successful financially we need to learn how to invest our time wisely, we need to learn how to invest our money wisely as we earn it and we need to be willing to invest some of that money and time in our health and well being so that we can remain productive, efficient and effective in all that we do. We are absolutely no use to anyone if we have neglected to look after ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually.


So do you feel wealthy? If not what is missing and what are you willing to do to change it? Why not give me a call, o21 240 6535 or email me to arrange a free coaching session to create the necessary clarity necessary. I look forward to talking with you soon.

Overwhelm seems to be the disease of the 21st century – everyone experiences it at one time or another. It seems to be a default setting that we flick into especially when our resistance is low.


So what is overwhelm? According to the dictionary it is to load with too great an amount, to defeat completely, to overcome and to make helpless.


So what can we do to remove this sense of helplessness and return to a state of feeling empowered once again. Here are some ideas…


1. Let the lists go. I am a great advocate for getting things out of our heads and down on paper however there comes a point when we have so much down on paper it can feel like there is just too much to do. So without looking at your lists choose one thing to focus and take action on right now that feels right for you. Put everything else to the side until that is completed.


2. Finish all your unfinished business. Take on no new projects until you have some completed some or all of the projects that are incomplete. There is a lot to be said for multi tasking however in reality often we are more effective when we focus on one thing at a time, so choose that one thing that will make the biggest difference for you right now.


3. Clear your desk. When we are in overwhelm we will usually have lots of “stuff” scattered on our desks or around our work space. Attend to everything on your desk or in box by filing it an organised way that makes sense to you. I tend to create a project folder to capture all the thoughts and bits of paper or documents lying around so it is all in one place when I do sit down to focus my attention on that topic.


4. Do it now. When in overwhelm I often think of an admin assistant I know who will always deal with stuff there and then when she can. She is a great role model for efficiency. I have a tendency to put things to the side with the intention of coming back to them however it can be difficult to find the time to come back – it can be much easier to deal with something straight away when it is in your hand – so get into the habit of making the decision there and then about what needs to happen with that email or document and do it straight away when possible.


5. Stop beating yourself up for being in overwhelm. Everyone experiences overwhelm and we all come out of it again, usually much quicker when we start to talk to ourselves in a much kinder and gentle way. Reach out for support to regain a healthy perspective – talking it through with someone can give you the clarity you need to shift it and if overwhelm is a constant companion consider working with a coach to completely change this habit.


6. Use the Bach Flower Essence for overwhelm – Elm can be purchased at a health food store, is completely natural, easy to take and very effective when you need some extra support.

That little voice in our heads has so much to answer for in our lives, so it makes sense to take the time to listen, to hear if it is supporting us or if it is giving us a reason to make ourselves wrong.


For some reason the human tendency is to beat ourselves up – to find fault in what we are doing in life, it seems to be the automatic default button that kicks in especially when we are feeling low. When we have been burning the candle at both ends by working extremely long hours, when we are feeling overwhelmed by a huge list of things we want to accomplish, or when we are feeling unwell this little voice will kick into action and make us feel even worse.


So my challenge today is to consider –

  • What would happen if you choose to turn that little voice off?
  • What would happen if you chose to make yourself right today?
  • What would you choose to do today with the time that you have available?
  • What are the most important activities you could do today that will nurture you and give you a feeling of success right now, today?

Go ahead – take the challenge and enjoy your day!

February 24, 2009 · Health and well being · (No comments)

More and more I am seeing the effects of striving for success on our health and well being. As entrepreneurs it is easy to get excited about what we are creating and to feel really energized. We get a buzz from the adrenaline rush, or feel totally in the flow, and just keep going and going until the energy runs out. Then we can experience that physical and sometimes, mental, exhaustion that can hit us, stopping us in our tracks.

Our bodies will often send us the very clear message through illness or injury that it is time to rest. It can then take even more energy to get motivated again, which is a real challenge when there are no reserves left, and in the process- we lose our productivity for days, weeks or even longer in extreme cases. How successful do you feel when you find yourself in this place? Wouldn’t it be a lot easier if we could learn how to manage the whole energy process more effectively.

This is the part of my business that I am passionate about – creating awareness of the importance of our health and well being in achieving success in our lives and the consequences when we push ourselves to our limits continuously to achieve that success. The flip side of this is that when our energy levels are high and we are physically and mentally in optimum condition it is much easier to feel motivated and be productive achieving lots in any given day.

I will be speaking at the Hutt Valley Women in Business on Tuesday 10 March on this very topic (for further info contact Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce, Phone 939 9821) and will be giving some pointers around managing our energy and motivation levels when striving towards to success. If you know of any other groups that may be interested in hearing about this topic please let me know. And if you need coaching around creating optimum health and well being for success please get in touch – call / text 0212 406 535 or email Heather

December 12, 2008 · Health and well being · 1 comment

I have recently completed a Level 2 Bach Flower course – for those of you not familiar with Bach Flower remedies they were developed by a medical doctor, Dr. Edward Bach,about 70 years ago. He believed that disease was a result of an imbalance in the emotions and that modern medicine was failing to keep people healthy.

He developed 38 remedies, all based on plants or herbs, which support health and well being through re-balancing the emotions. Each remedy relates to a different emotional or mental state and combinations can be mixed to fit perfectly with what a client is currently experiencing in their lives.

These remedies are completely natural, safe and easy to take and I have found them really useful during times of change or challenges in my life and more recently in the lives of my clients.

To find out more visit http://www.bachfloweressences.co.uk/. The Remedy Chooser on this site is particularly useful for clients who want to choose their own remedies. I charge $12 if you would like to have a remedy mixed up after using this tool – just send me an e-mail or call/ text Heather on 0212 406 535 to arrange the details.

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One of the fascinating things about working with clients on personal development issues is the amount of emotions that we experience, sometimes on a daily basis, and how we feel about them.

We all experience anger, sadness, resentment, happiness, joy, guilt and many others at different times in our lives. Some of us even seem to have a default setting which often flicks us into a particular emotion.

I believe all our emotions exist for a reason – they give us valuable information if we take the time to listen. Unfortunately our natural tendency is to beat ourselves up for feeling anything less than happy every day. We tend to judge ourselves for what we are experiencing, making it either right or wrong, and believe we should be fixing ourselves so we won’t feel this way again. And when we handle our emotions in this way it can often lead to illness e.g. depression.

The great news is that we can learn how to take back our power and start to make new and better choices around our emotions – the starting point is always with creating awareness. By writing down or talking through what you are experiencing you can learn to understand how your emotions affect you and this can open up new choices around how you think and then act.

So why not take some time to note in your journal at the end of every day…

  • What emotions did I experience today?
  • How did I handle them?
  • What did I say to myself about how I was feeling?

Feel free to call/ text Heather on 0212 406 535 or email heather@inspirationscoach.co.nz and have a chat about how I can support you to make sense of of any emotions you may experience as you create change in your life.

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As you may know my tag line has always been Inspiring Success, Health and Well being. Because of my background of being self employed for nearly 20 years, including experience in owning a small business, I have mostly worked with small business owners creating structure , systems and routines to support the development of themselves and their businesses. So the focus has been very much on creating success within this environment.

Recently however I have been working with a few clients with major health issues from genetic illnesses to autoimmune diseases and depression. I am a great believer in having really great support as you challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone and deal with issues that are getting in the way of your success. I keep hearing that these clients are not finding value in support groups who meet with a focus on the illness and indeed the whole definition of what success looks like changes when faced with a health condition that completely reshapes your life.

So how do you handle it all?

These clients have expressed an interest in wanting to be around positive people who can see the person behind the illness, who recognize and encourage opportunities for learning, growth and understanding. So you can set the intention to build or connect with a community that will support you in this way.

There is a real need to learn to talk to ourselves in a positive and supportive way, to be kind and gentle with ourselves when dealing with illness. We tend to beat ourselves up for not being healthy, for not handling things as well as we used to – there is often a real lack of understanding or acceptance of the emotions that we all go through as we come to terms with new limitations. So start to notice how you’re talking to yourself and be willing to be more compassionate as you come to terms with the changes.

There are many beliefs that exist around various illnesses about what is and isn’t possible, that can get in the way of  having a different experience, which could allow a person to transform their quality of life. Start to become aware of these beliefs and to really explore and challenge them. Are they really true and can you find examples of people who think differently about what is and isn’t possible?

The rules that society use to define success will also no longer apply. It will be the small steps, the little things that we can complete that give us satisfaction each day and the moments of peace that we experience in amongst the turmoil that will have more meaning. It takes time to adjust to this change in particular. So start today, exactly where you are right now and start to pay attention to the little things that matter rather than dismissing them too quickly as not good enough. You may be surprised to discover that the small things that you can contribute actually have so much more value to others than you might have once thought.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic and welcome comments to this blog to share you experiences. And if you need some extra support as you go through any changes with your life call/ text Heather on 0212 406 535 or email heather@inspirationscoach.co.nz to arrange to time for a chat.

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Christmas is fast approaching and a lot of people find this time of year very stressful. As the decorations appear in the malls and the mailers start piling up in the letterbox we all feel the pressure to have a perfect and magical Christmas. There are pictures everywhere of the perfect presents, the perfect table setting, the perfect homes to host and entertain your family in and the perfect outfits to wear. The whole point of Christmas seems to get lost in the commercialism. So how can we survive and actually get some joy out of this time of year? Here are some questions and suggestions to help along the way…

1. What’s important to you about this time of year?

Is it a special time to spend with loved ones, an opportunity to be grateful and say thank you, a time for rest and renewal, an opportunity to reconnect with old friends or serve the community? Are there cultural or family traditions that are really important to you? Write down in your journal what’s really important to you, and set a clear intention to focus only on those things.

2. Create a list of all the things that you feel you need to do before Christmas and then reflect on the questions below that seem appropriate for each item.

  • What are the things you want to do?
  • What are the things you feel you should do at this time of year?
  • If you changed that word “should” to a “could” – what difference does that make? Would you still choose to do it?
  • Is this activity giving me joy or causing me stress?
  • Can I delegate it to someone else or is it something I need to delete from my list altogether?

3. Simplify

I am a great believer in learning how to simplify things and will often ask “what is the purpose of this activity or task?” and “is there an easier way to accomplish this?” Making it easier my involve asking others for help and support, or even telling others “this is what I would like you to do for Christmas”. We can sometimes feel like we have to do everything on our own because we have been unable to say NO or ask for help – however we can learn to take responsibility for our experience and deal with it accordingly rather than blaming others for upsetting us at this time.

4. Take good care of your self.

It is very easy to be running from one thing to the next until we run out of steam. It is much more productive to make sure you build in some quiet time for yourself to relax and reflect on what you have accomplished and what the next most important things are to do. A little quite time to pause and plan regularly will help everything to flow much more easily and effortlessly and this can be achieved as you take time to journal, make yourself some lunch, have a hot bath or lie down for a short rest during the day.

If you find it hard to release the pressure call/ text Heather on 0212 406 535 or email heather@inspirationscoach.co.nz to have a chat about what support could be useful.

Going through periods of change can be quite daunting for many of us. There can be lots of confusion and uncertainty as we try to make sense of all the feelings and emotions, thoughts and beliefs that come rushing up to the surface as we struggle to trust ourselves in knowing what is right for us.

The decision to change may be ours totally or change can be imposed on us through redundancy, family dynamics changing, illness or even death.

There can be thoughts such as “I can’t change easily” or “I have no idea what it is I need to do next”. There can be an emptiness which can be uncomfortable after making the decision to let go of one way of being in the world, whether personally or in business, as we take time to figure out what next. We may even be beating up on ourselves for not doing what we think we “should” be doing at these times.

I have been creating some changes with my branding and how I present myself to the world and was lucky enough to be able to attend a great workshop with Yvonne De Mille called the Life Transitions. It was designed to create greater understanding of some of the issues and challenges brought about by change and developing strategies to move forward in a positive way. And she does it through her passion for creating art which was really fun and enjoyable.

So what changes are you experiencing?  Do you have tools or support that you can use to help you through this time? If not, call/ text Heather on 0212 406 535 or email heather@inspirationscoach.co.nz to explore how working with a coach could help you navigate your way through the journey of change.

The theme for the Inspirational this month was support, however the conversation quickly evolved from building a business into dealing with health issues which can affect how much time and energy is and how to manage it all.

Health and well being is something I am very passionate about and when striving for success in the business world our health can often get put on the back burner. We all know the theory that our bodies will eventually make us slow down to give it the rest it needs if we don’t listen to the warning signs along the way. Yet it still causes shock and surprise when an illness actually happens that stops us in our tracks. And when our bodies let us down we can find that our beliefs about what it means to be successful get turned upside down.  A lot of people I have met recently have great difficulty in adjusting to the changes they need to make in their lifestyles to allow their bodies to recuperate. They struggle with the change in mindset that needs to happen to enable them to make the transition.

The focus for me over the last few years has been very much working with my body and listening to its messages to create a life style that includes the rest, relaxation, exercise and support that my body has needed as I have continued to develop myself and my business. In fact as I reflect on my core values my health and well being would be No.1 for me, with family a very close second and creating an income from work that I am passionate about would come in third. I also believe very strongly that it is possible to be successful in business without compromising either our families or our health and well being – the challenge is getting the right balance that fits with our unique circumstances.

So …

  • What are your beliefs around success, health and well being?
  • Are they supporting you in achieving your goals and dreams or are they getting in the way?
  • Have circumstances changed that are now causing you to question everything you thought you believed in?

If you are being challenged to make adjustments to your lifestyle because of health issues  and could use some extra support call / text Heather on 0212 406 535 or email heather@inspirationscoach.co.nz to explore how coaching can support you at this time.