Heather Stevenson

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Personal Development Coach
Transformational Educator

I am a Personal Development Coach and a Transformational Educator who delivers programs to empower my clients to transform their lives. Clients who work with me no longer want to compromise their health and well being in an effort to feel successful. They now recognize it is time to look for a different approach to ensure they stay healthy and well as they develop to their full potential in all areas of their lives. My experience comes from many years of self employment ensuring that I have a sound understanding of the challenges that many small business owners’ face as they juggle all their responsibilities. I started with owning my own small business for 8 years which tripled in value before selling it so I could move into the world of adult education where I used my new skills in the development and facilitation of personal development and training programs both in the UK and NZ. I am passionate about providing the support and encouragement for my clients to create a life they feel excited and passionate about, as they wake up each day. I have gathered together many tools, resources and experience over the last 14 years that I freely share within my personal development programs and with my clients. This passion, to support and encourage others in their development, led me to contribute 5 years of voluntary work with the International Coach Federation – NZ Central Branch as President, Past president and Treasurer. I feel extremely proud of the work this team of coaches completed to re-establish a strong local presence over this period of time. I also have strong family values which I have learned to balance with that strong desire to experience success in life. I now have an increased sense of peace, balance and harmony in all areas, freeing up my time and energy to provide the support others may require from time to time.





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